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Salish Woolly Dogs | National Dog Day

Traditionally, Salish Woolly dogs held significant roles in the Coast Salish lifestyle, until the decline of their population in the 1800s. The dogs went extinct around 1900 as a result of European colonization. Woolly dogs were inherited by way of female lineage and owned by Coast Salish women. The woolly dogs were raised and bred for their fur, which weavers combined with mountain goat hair to create clothing and blankets. For more information visit:…/…/salish-woolly-dog A portrait of two Coast Salish women holding a Salish Woolly dog (courtesy of the Chilliwack Museum and Archives, Booen Fonds, P. Coll 120 No. 25)....

Ancient, modern intertwine in Salish art exhibit | Auburn Reporter

Ancient, modern intertwine in Salish art exhibit | Auburn Reporter

ROBERT WHALE Thu Aug 10th, 2017 10:15am Kenneth Greg Watson and Patricia Cosgrove together in 1989 on the Centennial exhibit of Native arts. And for the past 28 years, their mission has remained steadfast: teaching residents and visitors that in all its creative branchings, Salish art is native to Washington state, and totem poles are not. Now through Dec. 17, Puget Sound residents can “get their Salish on” by checking out Watson and Cosgrove’s latest collaboration, an unprecedented, six-month-long exhibition titled “Salish Modern: Innovative Art with Ancient Roots” at the White River Valley Museum. Guest Curator Watson and WRVM Director Cosgrove,...

Sacred Geometry: Essay & Art --- Qwul`thilum (Dylan Thomas) | Numéro Cinq

This work is more traditional than anything I have done before – because it draws on a tradition that started before my Salish ancestors ever carved a spindle whorl.

We’ve got your back » Backpacks are here

You might need to pack up and go at any time and it’s important to be able to carry your gear with practical style wherever your travels take you. Although there are all sorts of bags and methods out there to stash your stuff, sometimes the best way to tote the things you need and want is on your back. There’s something about hands-free design that is truly liberating. The new Salish Style backpacks are lightweight and strategically constructed with plenty of cargo capacity to hold the things that really matter. With streamlined styles that won’t slow you down, a spacious...