Union of Night and Day

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Union of Night and Day
Union of Night and Day


  • Pin a little art to your favorite backpack, jacket, or hat 
  • Pin-back button with single clasp 
  • 1.25" diameter


Artist Statement:

  • "The human mind loves to create dichotomies – such as good and evil, beautiful and ugly, friend and enemy – and our ability to intellectually divide the world has been a major factor in humanity’s success as a species. But this habit of splitting the world into dichotomies can also make us feel separated from the universe; this often creates a me-versus-the-world mentality, which can prevent us from seeing the underlying unity and harmony of existence. This is why the non-dual traditions, such as Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, and Taoism, have spent thousands of years focusing on helping people glimpse this deep unity of the Universe through meditation and other spiritual practices.
    While many people are familiar with the Taoist symbol known as the Yin-Yang – which depicts the complimentary nature of dualities in the universe – fewer people are familiar with the Taijitu, which symbolizes the deeper unity of the existence. And in 'Union of Night and Day,' I have drawn inspiration from the Taijitu to create a Salish symbol of the deep non-dual harmony of the universe." -- Dylan Thomas

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