Two Spirit Rising

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Two Spirit Rising
Two Spirit Rising


  • Add a little art to any smooth surface
  • Sticker with adhesive backing
  • Weatherproof to protect against water and sunlight
  • 3" x 4"

Contents & Care:

  • Vinyl 


Artist Statement:

  • " This art piece depicts two Coast Salish thunderbirds surrounding a human figure in the middle.  Thunderbirds are symbols of power, protection and strength. The supernatural powers of thunderbird spirits come to help the people and they provide spiritual protection. When they flap their wings, thunder and lightning strikes.  It is said that they can take human form, and when they do they lift their heads up as shown in the design.
    The human in this art piece represents Two-Spirit people because they bring special gifts to the world and offer the same kind of protection to the people as a Thunderbird would provide. Two-Spirit people are non binary, therefore they bring a balance to the world that would not otherwise be present. Their healing powers are very much needed on this earth.  This is the reason why the thunderbirds are here to protect our sacred gendered people." --Margaret August

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