Salish Style Social & Community Impact

You shop. Salish Supports. With your support, we can contribute together.

From the start, promoting the revitalization and appreciation of authentic cultural art to combat cultural appropriation has been at the core of who we are and what we do.

Since 2013, Salish Style has donated to partners and organizations that support Indigenous people and communities. We want to do more.

In 2020, when Salish Style launched our 2.0 backpack collection, we promised that 5% of profits from our retail backpack sales would go back to the community in the form of the Salish Support fund.

Salish Support is a simple way for you to support local non-profit organizations when you shop with us, at no cost to you.

We will accomplish this by giving monetary and in-kind donations.

We will donate fully-packed backpacks, fund special projects with charities and schools that support causes in which we care for deeply.


Because giving back is always in style, we offer grants and donations for community-based organizations, schools, and individuals to support them in building a better tomorrow.  We are always looking for new causes to support and carry out Salish Support initiatives throughout the year.  We also provide volunteers so our team can get involved in our community.

Please email to learn about and apply for funding or to request a product donation.