Get a hold on your device with a phone grip & stand

Salish Style


Salish Style is excited to introduce an expandable multi-purpose grip and stand.  The Salish Style grip securely sticks to the back of your phone or tablet. This highly functional accessory provides a sturdy extension for one-handed use while texting, scrolling through your socials, and snapping selfies wearing your favorite Salish Style gear. On a flat surface, use the grip as a media stand to prop your device on its side at a perfect angle for seeing the screen, ideal for watching movies, and video chatting. Take your earphone cord and wrap it between two Salish Style grips to keep the cord neat and prevent tangling. These grips are collapsible so you're not stuck with a bulky add-on, making it convenient to carry in a pocket. Salish Style grips can be removed and positioned in different spots on your device. Switch it from your phone to your tablet and back. A reusable adhesive backing is easily removed that will not leave a sticky residue. Salish Style phone grip and stands are FREE with purchase, while supplies last!


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