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  • It's always fun to shine like the sun 
  • Classic tank with racerback construction 


  • Women's sizes: Small - 2X-Large

Contents & Care:

  • 50% polyester, 50% cotton  


  • Sondra Simone Segundo (Haida) 

About the Design:

Sun, representative of life and creative power, is frequently featured in prominent myths, and regularly serves as a benevolent spirit guide. Alternatively, the reverse symbolism of munificence, is its scorching, destructive capability. Within Haida mythology, the entire world was dark due to an elder who hid Sun in a box. It was the artful Raven, who, by way of trickery, stole Sun from the elder’s house, escaped through the smoke hole, and flew away into the sky. Subsequently, Raven released Sun to illuminate the earth for the general benefit of humankind.   The evidence of the story is, the Sun, which is still shining in the sky to this day.

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