• Unleash your wild style
  • Classic crew neck t-shirt 


  • Unisex sizes: Extra Small - 4X-Large
  • True to size; For women, we recommend sizing down

Contents & Care:

  • 100% cotton 


  •  Simone Diamond (Cowichan, Coast Salish)

About the Design:

  • In the Pacific Northwest, “Sasquatch” is a name derived from the Halkomelem word “Sésquac,” (also spelled Sasq'ets, Sesqec, Sacsquec, Saskehavas, Sesquac, and other ways) meaning “wild man.” In other regions of the world, the legendary creature is commonly known as Bigfoot. According to Sto:lo: and Cowichan legends, Sasquatch is a powerful but usually innocuous supernatural being. Most accounts of Sasquatch describe a large, nocturnal, ape-like creature, standing six to ten feet tall, with a thick and hairy pelt. The Coast Salish territory has more documented Sasquatch sightings than anywhere else, specifically situated in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island areas. Reports of Sasquatch have been generally consistent over the course of time, cultures, and geographic location.

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