Book Release: 'Killer Whale Eyes'

Salish Style

Congratulations to Haida artist Sondra Simone Segundo for the release of her first children's picture book, Killer Whale Eyes!

In her youth, Segundo spent her childhood summers in Hydaburg, Alaska, listening to her family tell traditional stories based on her ancestors. As a contemporary Native artist and author, Segundo sought to channel her ancestral connection to such stories and resonate the spirit of the Haida people. She also hoped to demonstrate the symbiotic relationship which exists between the animals and environment.  

Killer Whale Eyes shares the story of a young Haida girl with bright blue eyes and a deep connection to the ocean and all of its creatures.  As a young woman, she paddles out to end up lost at sea. Ultimately, the girl is able to realize her destiny.

In addition to her clothing and shoe designs, Segundo hopes that book serves as another medium that showcases the love she has for art, nature, and the preservation of the Haida culture.

Killer Whale Eyes was published by the Sealaska Heritage Institute.

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